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May 29, 2012  Kirrin Resources Reports Q1 2012 Results
May 16, 2012  Kirrin Resources Announces Change in Independent Directors
April 30, 2012  Kirrin Resources Reports 2011 Results And Provides Corporate Update
December 05, 2011  Kirrin Postpones Private Placement
November 22, 2011  2011 Exploration Results Advance Grevet REE Property
November 02, 2011  Kirrin Resources Bottom Brook REE Project Awarded $100,000 Grant by Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
October 20, 2011  Kirrin Resources Announces $1,500,000 Private Placement
October 12, 2011  REE Results from Kirrin's Grevet Property Include 20% TREO
October 03, 2011  Kirrin And Ucore Agree Revised Terms At Bottom Brook Ree Project
September 21, 2011  Kirrin Stakes New Property In SE Athabasca Basin
September 12, 2011  Radium Analyses Identify Drill Sites At Kirrin's Alexis River Uranium Project In Labrador
August 25, 2011  Kirrin Progresses Uranium and Rare Earth Element Explorationand Files Q2 2011 Results and Operating Highlights.
August 11, 2011  Kirrin Airborne Survey Shows 13 High Priority Targets at Key Lake SW Uranium Property
June 27, 2011  Kirrin Commences Gravity Survey to Define Drill Targets at Grevet Ree Property
June 21, 2011  Kirrin Doubles Grevet REE Project; Adds Gold and VMS Prospects
May 30, 2011  Kirrin Resources Reports Q1 2011 Results
May 24, 2011  Kirrin Resources Announces Completion of Airborne Geophysics Survey at Key Lake SW
May 04, 2011  Kirrin Provides Update from AGM: Ree And Uranium Programs Underway; Management to Focus on Acquisitions and Corporate Development
April 05, 2011  Kirrin Resources Reports 2010 Results
February 24, 2011  Kirrin Resources Announces Lost Pond Drill Results; 2011 Exploration In Western Newfoundland To Focus On Rare Earth Elements Program
February 03, 2011  Kirrin Resources Confirms 2011 Exploration Plans; Continued Focus on Rare Earth Elements, Uranium and Acquisitions
January 27, 2011  Kirrin Resources Reports Results of Geophysical Interpretation Program at Grevet Ree Project; Awards Options
December 29, 2010  Kirrin Resources Closes $1.5 Million Private Placement
December 22, 2010  Kirrin Resources Closes First Tranche of Flow-Through Private Placement
December 08, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces New Program At Grevet Ree Project
December 06, 2010  Kirrin Resources Initiates Drill Program At Lost Pond Uranium Project
December 02, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces $1.4 Million Flow-Through Private Placement
December 01, 2010  Kirrin Resources Closes $0.7 Million Private Placement
November 29, 2010  Kirrin Resources Q3 2010 Report: Advances Uranium And Rare Earth Element Project Exploration
November 22, 2010  Kirrin Resources Awarded $100,000 Grant By N&L for Lost Pond Project
October 26, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces $800,000 Private Placement
September 21, 2010  Kirrin Resources Results From Grevet Rare Earth Element Property Include 14.08% LREO And 1.61% LREO Over 2.2 Metres
August 17, 2010  Kirrin Resources Reports Key Lake SW Airborne Survey Results Define 78.2 Kilometres of Conductive Horizons Grouped in 19 Anomalies
August 09, 2010  Kirrin Resources Reports Continued Progress in Uranium and Rare Earth Element Exploration in its Q2 2010 Results and Operating Highlights
July 08, 2010  Kirrin Resources Update On Grevet Ree Project In Quebec; Increased Focus On Neodymium Potential
July 06, 2010  Kirrin Resources Exploration Update on Key Lake SW Uranium Project in the Athabasca; Shows Similarities with Phoenix Discovery
May 10, 2010  Kirrin Resources Reports Continued Rare Earth Element And Uranium Portfolio Expansion In Q1 2010 Results
April 05, 2010  Kirrin Resources Reports 2009 Results
March 31, 2010  Kirrin Resources Starts Exploration Program at Key Lake SW Uranium Project in Athabasca Basin
March 05, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces Athabasca Basin Acquisition
February 16, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces Acquisition Of Grevet Ree Project In Quebec
February 05, 2010  Kirrin Resources Provides Update On Exploration At Boxey Point; Announces Exercise Of Options And Option Grant At $0.14 Per Share
February 03, 2010  Kirrin Resources Announces $200,000 Private Placement
December 23, 2009  Kirrin Resources Closes Fully Subscribed Flow-Through Offering
November 20, 2009  Kirrin Resources Clarifies November 19, 2009 Release
November 19, 2009  Kirrin Resources Announces $800,000 Flow-Through Offering
November 13, 2009  Kirrin Resources Completes $206,000 Private Placement
October 23, 2009  Kirrin Resources Announces Drill Start-Up at Boxey Point Uranium Project
September 17, 2009  Kirrin Resources Awarded $100,000 Grant By N&L For Boxey Point Project
September 14, 2009  Kirrin Resources Announces 2009 Exploration Plans For Boxey Point Uranium Project
September 09, 2009  Kirrin Resources Announces $800,000 Offering
September 02, 2009  Kirrin Resources Second Quarter 2009 Results And Highlights
August 24, 2009  Kirrin Resources Banks Further $360,000 Profit on 2008 Asset Sale; Awards Consultant's Option
June 17, 2009  Kirrin Resources Enters Option Agreement with Kodiak for Otish Basin Uranium Property Portfolio
May 28, 2009  Kirrin Resources First Quarter 2009 Results and Highlights
May 26, 2009  Monroe Minerals Inc. Changes Name to Kirrin Resources Inc. and Consolidates Shares 10:1
April 14, 2009  Monroe's Drill Results from Lost Pond Uranium and REE Project
April 02, 2009  Monroe Reports 2008 Results; Proposes New Company Name And Capital Structure To Reflect Focus On Uranium And Expansion Plans
January 06, 2009  Monroe Minerals Suspends Private Placement
December 10, 2008  Monroe Minerals Reports Sampling Results from Boxey Point Uranium Property in Newfoundland
December 05, 2008  Monroe Minerals Announces $1 Million Offering
November 26, 2008  Monroe Minerals' Third Quarter 2008 Results and Activity Update
November 24, 2008  Monroe Minerals Reports Up To O.754% U3O8 Intersection In Drill Core At Alexis River Uranium Property In Labrador
November 03, 2008  Monroe Minerals: Strategy Update
September 16, 2008  Monroe Minerals Agrees to Enter Option Agreement with Ucore For Newfoundland Lost Pond Uranium and Ree Projects
August 19, 2008  Monroe Minerals Second Quarter 2008 Results and Highlights
August 06, 2008  Monroeminerals Completes Fieldwork At Alexis River Uranium Property In Labrador And Boxey Point And Berry Hill Uranium Properties In Newfoundland
July 03, 2008  Monroe Minerals Closes Sale of Diamond Interests
June 11, 2008  Monro Minerals Announces 2008 Exploration Plans for Newfoundland and Labrador Uranium Projects
May 29, 2008  Monroe Minerals First Quarter 2008 Results and Highlights
May 13, 2008  Monroe Minerals Announces Disposal of Diamond Interests
April 23, 2008  Monroe Minerals Releases Lake Sediment Sampling Results from Alexis River Uranium Property in Labrador
April 11, 2008  Monroe Minerals Reports 2007 Results
March 25, 2008  Monroe Minerals Announces Award of Full Mining Right at the London Diamond Mine
January 15, 2008  Monroe Minerals Enters Option Agreements with Altus for Two Additional Newfoundland and Uranium Projects
December 21, 2007  Monroe Minerals Provides Update On Angolan Exploration Program
December 07, 2007  Monroe Minerals Third Quarter 2007 Results and Activity Update
November 27, 2007  Monroe Minerals Completes $2.8 Million Financing
November 09, 2007  Monroe Minerals Closes First Tranche of $2.5 Million Financing
October 24, 2007  Monroe Minerals Announces $2,500,000 Million Offering
September 27, 2007  Monroe Minerals Reports Positive Results from Airborne Geophysical Survey at Alexis River Uranium Property
August 08, 2007  Monroe Minerals Advises Completion Of Airborne Survey At Alexis River Uranium Property
July 24, 2007  Monroe Minerals Enters Option Agreement with Altius in New Labrador Uranium Project
July 18, 2007  Monroe Minerals Appoints Independent Advisors for Uranium Division
June 01, 2007  Monroe Minerals first quarter 2007 results and activity update
April 27, 2007  Monroe Minerals re-appoints CHF Investor Relations
April 24, 2007  Monroe Minerals Reports 2006 Results
April 04, 2007  Monroe Minerals Completes $1 Million Financing
February 22, 2007  Monroe Minerals Announces $1,500,000 Million Unit Offering
February 06, 2007  Monroe Minerals to Explore New Natural Resources Opportunities
January 31, 2007  Monroe Minerals Provides Update on Mining Rights for London Mine and Exploration Program for Angola
September 05, 2006  Monroe Minerals Announces 2006 Second Quarter Results; Options Granted at $0.15 per Share
June 26, 2006  Monroe Minerals to Focus Exclusively on Large-Scale Projects Following Portfolio Review
June 12, 2006  Monroe Minerals Announces South African Kimberlite Exploration Program
June 05, 2006  Monroe Minerals Announces 2006 First Quarter Results
May 02, 2006  Monroe Minerals Announces Details of Exploration Program on Cangandala Concession in Angola
April 18, 2006  Monroe Minerals Completes $1 Million Unit Offering
April 13, 2006  Monroe Minerals announces 2005 results
February 02, 2006  Monroe to Raise Up to $3,500,000 in Unit Financing
January 16, 2006  Monroe Minerals successfully completes test mining at London diamond project; Applies for mining licence
December 08, 2005  Monroe Minerals Announces 2005 Third Quarter Results; TSX Venture Exchange Approves Term Extension of 2004 Series Warrants
December 06, 2005  Monroe Minerals Applies to Extend Term of December 2004 Series Warrants to June 2006
December 05, 2005  Monroe Minerals Completes $1.85 Million Unit Financing
November 23, 2005  Monroe Minerals Completes $400,000 Unit Financing
November 18, 2005  Monroe Minerals announces completion of $1.2 million unit financing
October 03, 2005  Monroe Announces $3,500,000 Unit Financing
July 21, 2005  Monroe Minerals first-half diamond sales show 71% volume increase; average price up 10% to US$420 per carat
June 29, 2005  Monroe Minerals Encouraged as Major Companies Focus on Diamond Potential in Angola
May 06, 2005  Monroe announces record white diamond price for London project; 4 carat Diamond realises US$5,800 per carat
April 05, 2005  Monroe Posts Record US$1.1 Million First Quarter Diamond Sales; 2,400 Carats from London Diamond Mine Realise US$443 per Carat
March 31, 2005  Monroe Minerals announces 2004 results; diamond revenue from test production at London Project tops $1.4 million
February 16, 2005  Monroe Minerals makes excellent start to 2005; First diamond sale achieves record average price of US$530 per carat
January 05, 2005  Monroe Minerals Reports First Diamond Results from A1 Gravel at London Diamond Property.

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