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Derek J Moran
Director, President and CEO

Mr Moran is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and qualified as a chartered accountant while working with KPMG. He commenced his career in the natural resource sector in North America in 1978 and was an officer of Turbo Resources, an integrated oil and gas company operating in Canada and USA. In 1981 he joined International Energy Development Corporation of Geneva, becoming its Chief Financial Officer in 1983. Since 1987, Mr Moran has worked in international corporate finance and development and has been involved in a number of new and successful ventures. Commencing in 1996, Mr Moran has acted as principal when establishing new ventures and he is the founder and a major shareholder of Kirrin Resources. Mr Moran has spent much of his professional life involved in the management of publicly listed companies and has been engaged in natural resource projects in over twenty countries. He brings a considerable breadth of experience and a diversity of skills to Kirrin's leadership.

Bryan Benitz

Mr Benitz is a specialist in corporate finance and development. He has held a number of senior investment banking positions in both the United Kingdom and Canada in natural resources finance and investment. For a number of years he served as a director of Walwyn Stodgell Cochran Murray, an investment bank based in Toronto. In 1988, he established Benitz & Partners Ltd., a London-based firm specializing in corporate finance advisory activities and in raising risk capital for the mining, oil and gas industries, and was its chairman until 2001, at which time the company was sold. Since that time, his principal occupation has been as a corporate director. Mr Benitz enjoys an international reputation for identifying growth opportunities and has an enviable track record of success. He was formerly a member of the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. Mr Benitz is a member of Kirrin's Audit and Remuneration committees.

Peter Farkas
Director, CFO and Secretary

Mr Farkas is a finance executive and lawyer. He provides practical financial, strategic planning, legal and other management advice to his clients. In addition to Kirrin Resources, Mr Farkas has held senior finance positions with Beaumont Select Corporations Inc. (TSXV listed management & investment company), ACS Engineering Technologies Inc. (private oil sands technology development), Excite Energy Corp. (private oil and gas exploration and production), Saxon Energy Services Inc. (drilling services, then private) and Barrington Petroleum Ltd. (public oil and gas exploration and production). He combines a rapid comprehension of details with a strong understanding of business principles to produce optimal decisions in complex matters to the benefit of the companies he serves and their stakeholders. Prior to entering the commercial sector in 1997, Mr Farkas was a senior securities and corporate partner with Howard Mackie (now BLG), also of Calgary.

John R (Jack) Perraton

Mr Perraton is senior partner in the Alberta law firm, Perraton Law and Chair of the University of Calgary Board of Governors. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta with both commerce and law degrees. Prior to founding Perraton Law, Mr Perraton was a partner with the law firm of Field Atkinson Perraton and its predecessor firms for over 27 years. Mr Perraton has practiced law continually since 1973 in the corporate commercial area with an emphasis on natural resource matters. Mr. Perraton was named by the City of Calgary as Calgary's Citizen of the Year for 1997 and was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2001. Mr. Perraton is a Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Calgary having concluded his term as Chancellor in June 2002. He also serves as Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Korea in Alberta. Mr Perraton is a member of Kirrin's Audit and Remuneration committees.

Henry Tondowski

Mr Tondowski is an independent investment banker living in South Africa. He had a long banking career in London culminating as Director of Industrial Bank of Japan International. He advises a private natural resources fund in Switzerland and conducts venture capital projects in Africa. He is a director of a number of companies and a member of several Audit and Remuneration committees, including Kirrin's. Mr Tondowski has a continued interest in the securities industry as a shareholder in a specialised London Stock Broker.

Chris Woodward
Head of Administration

Mr Woodward oversees Kirrin's accounting, treasury and administration requirements. He is a chartered accountant with over 30 years of experience in various roles. Mr Woodward graduated from the University of Bristol in 1974 with an honours degree in mechanical engineering. In the early stages of his career he was employed with the UK Ministry of Defence. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1978 and is now a senior partner in WGD LLP, Chartered Accountants, in Calgary, a firm he co-founded in 1991. From 1978 to 1990, Mr Woodward held a variety of positions with KPMG Calgary, including that of senior taxation manager.