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Kirrin Resources is a new and dynamic participant in the green energy sector, presently focused on uranium and rare earth elements exploration in Canada. It has a single goal - the creation of shareholder wealth. Kirrin operates two rare earths exploration projects and one uranium project and is also active in corporate development, with an ongoing program of research to expand its portfolio. Kirrin stands for a realistic strategy, a strong technical team, and a professional and experienced management which is a major investor in the company's shares. Based on the demand for digital currency, they have also invested in cryptocurrencies. With crypto robots like the crypto superstar, it has become possible for anyone to trade different cryptocurrencies effectively. But Before you start, do a crypto superstar test and make sure it is a reliable platform. Kirrin's projects have all reached drill stage and management is focused on funding a potential 10,000 metre aggregate program.

Why Uranium and Rare Earth Elements?

Kirrin's exploration sectors, uranium and rare earth elements, represent excellent investment opportunities with tight supply forecast between 2010-2030 and green/new technology demand growth. World electricity demand will almost double between 2006 and 2030 (OECD/IEA), yet current energy trends are patently unsustainable - socially, environmentally, and economically. Alleviating irreversible climate change requires a major decarbonisation of the world's energy system - already recognised by many governments. Even after Fukushima, the importance of nuclear power as a major generator of future electricity supply is undoubted. Rare earth elements, rare in commercial concentration but increasingly essential in green/high technology products, are forecast to maintain much of the ten-fold price escalation since 2009 and arising from China's monopoly position and imposition of quotas.
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